Our team members thrive on being challenged to deliver their best every day. We operate in a dynamic environment where the pace is fast and there is always something new to learn. We know what sets Enficet Group apart – it is our people and our true adaptability in a progressive and fast-evolving workplace. At Enficet Group, we are committed to creating a highly engaged and results-oriented workforce who identify with our core values of :

Excellence: We present, act and behave professionally. Maintaining high personal standards, taking the utmost pride in our work.

NousAlways approach difficult situations when they arise, with a high level of common sense and practical intelligence.

Family: Family is number one, secret to the success of the Enficet Group.

IntegrityWe can be trusted at all times to act in the best interests of not only our business but your business.

CustomerCustomer service is absolutely paramount to us. We strive to give all cliental that “good old fashioned customer service” that is so very rarely seen in modern day business.

EfficientWe carry out all our operations in a organised and methodical way. Procedure and system driven to ensure maximum productivity is achieved with minimum wasted effort or expense.

TeamHaving a happy team results in complete buy in from our staff. With this said, it enables us to consistently achieve great outcomes. We achieve this by understanding each team members needs and drive mechanisms.

If you are interested in working for our Corporate team, consisting of professionals working across Finance, Legal, HR, Administration, Analysis, IT, Marketing, Project or Operations Management, then please send your cover letter and resume to


Enficet Group

The Enficet Group is a conglomerate company, consisting of highly skilled professionals who have exceptional operational, strategic, trade and change management expertise.


Address: 10/238 Governer Rd, Braeside, Vic 3195
Phone: 1800 517 294


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