The Enficet Group of companies specialise in acquiring "Australian Exclusive Distribution Rights" for brands and products that are used in the Home Improvement, Government, High Density Development, Aged Care, Public Transport & Building markets.

The Enficet Group (TEG) is a diversified conglomerate that has exceptional strategic, operational and ultimately results expertise that see's it be targeted by successful OS brands seeking to launch their products into Australia. With a passion for innovation and international business TEG seeks to leverage off existing long-term business relationships throughout Asia, Southeast Asia, Northern Europe & USA to bring exciting game-changing products to the Australian marketplace. 

TEG has introduced and pioneered four categories into the Australian market since 2003. TEG seeks continual sustainable growth by way of high ethical standards, unwavering attention to detail and strong long-term relationships with key stakeholders across all areas of operations. 


Address & Contact

  • Melbourne - 10/238 Governor Rd Braeside, VIC 3195 P: 1800 517 294
  • Melbourne - 12 Enterprise Circuit Dandenong South, VIC 3175 P: 1300 794 434
  • Sydney - Level 36 Suite 1 Macquarie Place, NSW 2000 P: (02) 8075 4529
  • PRC - 701, Seventh Floor, Block A, No 1366 Qian Jiang Road, Hangzhou Zhejiang Province, PRC 310020 P: +86 (571) 2809 1288

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